Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

The use of standardized technical equipment is essential for the quality and reliability of multilingual communication at international conferences, business and corporate events and meetings.

We have found BOSCH to be a reliable partner, providing the best and most technologically advanced audio solutions for interpreting equipment.

Conference Interpreting Systems

Bosch ensures an exceptionally fine listening quality when it comes to language distribution. There are several Bosch conference systems available, which have been specifically designed for different types of events – from large international conferences to smaller multilingual meetings – to enable delegates to understand what is being said.

These systems are highly flexible and offer exceptional audio quality, no matter what the size of the event or venue.

The basic BOSCH Interpreting system includes:

  • CCU – Central Control Unit by Bosch Germany and Wap
  • DNC – Transmitter by Bosch Germany
  • Interpretation Desk (i-desk) by Bosch Germany
  • IR Radiator by Bosch Germany
  • IR Receiver by Bosch Germany
  • Sound Mixer
  • Sound Proof Booth.

Why we choose BOSCH

Modern and ergonomic design

  • The receiver conveniently fits into a pocket
  • The buttons are ergonomically positioned for all uses
  • A choice of headphones are available, all of which can be attached to the pocket receiver

32 audio channels

  • One channel for the floor and the remainder for up to 31 languages
  • Only available channels are displayed on the receiver

Portable interpreting system

Langpros can also provide portable interpreting systems, also known as “bidule”, with no booth. These are generally used for meetings with a low number of participants (e.g. around 20) or when the group is required to change venue during the day. This system is similar to the devices used by tour guides.

Why interpreters must work in pairs

Research studies show that simultaneous interpreting is an extremely demanding cognitive task for the human brain, which is not naturally designed to speak and listen at the same time. This is why simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs (or in teams of three for work days exceeding 8 hours), taking turns of about 20-30 minutes each. Professional bodies and international associations commonly accept this standard rule.

Beware of any company offering a single interpreter who works alone in a booth for the entire workday: this bad practice will compromise the accuracy and faithfulness of the final message.

You can find more information about interpreting here.

Conference Equipment

We can provide full conference equipment and competent technicians to set it up and run it.